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This post by The Tutoring Center, Miramar is centered around a couple of tips that might come in handy for children who are home-schooled or are learning remotely due to the pandemic.

Help Them Get Accustomed To the Virtual Platform, If There Is One

If the school has provided a virtual platform, it should be very intuitive and friendly, it can present certain difficulties for those who are not used to the use of technology in their daily lives. Thus, it's very important to spend some time at the beginning of the course to read the user guide and to familiarize and configure the platform to ease the learning experience.

Approach This Time Keeping Learning Goals in Mind

You must be very clear about the goals of this school year and let your child be aware of it. The course is structured so that they can organize and advance at their own pace, knowing at all times what the tasks and duties are. With online learning, you must keep in mind at all times what they are expected to learn at the end of each module to get them ready before a test.

Let Them Use the Internet to Their Advantage

There are digital libraries, videos on Youtube, and academic Google. The key to good research is exploring and finding the right databases that can help them get started and compliment their schoolwork with reliable sources.

Academic Tutoring in Miramar!

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