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Every child is different, and their school performance can be affected by a myriad of issues. The Tutoring Center, Miramar, lists some factors to keep an eye on and analyze their impact on your child's development.

The Maturity of the Child

At the beginning of the school year, some children are more prepared than others to face it. This pattern is due to each child's individual development. Over time, the student will get used to the new environment and adjust to the pace and the demands of their education.

Personality and Emotional State

Children whose emotional stability is extensive tend to show a more stable school performance and adapt better to their environment. They are also more respectful and friendly than those with signs of anxiety, aggressiveness, or depression; these students have a more challenging time achieving good results and adapting to the school's environment.


Children will mirror the example that their parents have set throughout their lives. If they have observed responsible and persistent behaviors, they are likely to emulate them as they grow old.


A reliable and respectful bond between students and their teachers is critical to transmit knowledge and boost their academic performance. As a parent, you should avoid making negative comments about the teacher in front of your child. This behavior could foster disrespect and confusion between the most important authority figures in their life: their parents and their mentors.

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