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These tips by The Tutoring Center, Miramar will help your children be in the best shape to take on this school year and excel in their classes, keep on reading!

The Side Effects of Feeling Exhausted

Feeling tired reduces the ability to take and remember new information. Contrary to what many parents think, older teens need more sleep than the younger ones, not less. Even sleeping through the night doesn't keep a boy or girl from falling asleep during their first classes. If your children are responsible and willing to get ready for school the night before, think about letting them sleep those extra five minutes in the morning. Older teenagers secrete melatonin an hour later than when they were younger. This not only precedes the onset of sleep, but also takes away an hour or more of sleep.

Create Good Habits

Sleep has a restorative function on the body and allows cells to regenerate and have more energy during the day. On the other hand, sleeping for seven to eight hours a day is key to favor the processes of attention, memory, and the consolidation of learning. Sleeping a few hours or having a poor quality of sleep has a negative influence on the physical, psychological, and behavioral spheres. This is why bad sleep habits will have negative consequences on growth and development, academic performance, and social relationships.


For youngsters who appreciate the importance of being a great student, things are easier, even if they have little confidence in themselves. They are more willing to confront the people who cause them the most trouble. Parents can help to show them how diligent effort often makes the difference between success and failure.

Tutoring in Miramar

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