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Mixing the Sun and Learning

Just because summer break is coming to an end doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of time to enjoy some fun and educational activates with your children. Below are some great activity ideas from The Tutoring Center, Miramar for you to try with your youngster.

Reading Picnic

Enjoy the outdoors with a reading picnic! Head to the bookstore and pick up two copies of a book of your youngster’s choosing. Once you have these, gather what you need for an enjoyable picnic and head to your local park or favorite outdoor area. Once you are there, read your books together, but, as you both finish a chapter, stop to have a brief talk about how the story is coming along. Be animated with your youngster and even make small bets about what you think will happen as the book continues. This is a great way to encourage your student to read and to also identify any reading issues they may be having.

Outdoor Board Games

Just because family game night usually happens in your living room doesn’t mean that the Monopoly board can’t be taken outdoors! Whether it’s your backyard or a favorite park, gather a small collection of your family’s favorite board games and head outdoors. If possible, include games which require small elements of math, such as Monopoly.

Tutoring Works!

If you notice that your youngster is struggling with their reading or their calculations, summer tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar at (954) 951-4700 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring and how tutoring can help your student improve their grades and self-esteem.


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