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As the new school year begins, children begin to think about what their next year of school is going to be like. Will they have the same friends? Will they be able to keep up with the lessons? What will their new teacher be like? While these can all be exciting thoughts for a student, what a child's new teacher is going to be like is something parents should also be thinking about.

How to Make the Most of Your First Parent/Teacher Meeting

If you are interested in meeting your child's new teacher early in the school year and are looking for help and information to make your meeting as productive as possible, this post is here to help.

Start With a List

Teachers don't have a lot of time which can lead many parents to return home frustrated that they forgot to discuss important topics or were too focused on one area during their discussion. The best way to address this is to make a list before your meeting. Sit down and consider the items that you would like to discuss with your child's new teacher. As you think of items, add them to a list. Once you are confident the list is complete, keep it with you during your daily errands over the next few days and add any new items that may come to mind. A few days before your meeting, prioritize the items on your list to make sure you discuss the most important ones first. Don't be afraid to take the list with you and tick off items as you discuss them.

Remember the Teacher's Limitations

Linked to the tip above, as you create and prioritize your list, be mindful of what your child's teacher can and cannot answer or discuss. While your may have valid concerns regarding the state curriculum or the way the school operates, consider addressing these with the relevant people as these discussions can eat into your meeting time. Keep to your list and do your best to stay on topic and keep the discussion productive. If you anticipate that your child will find the upcoming school year a challenge, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951-4700 about how tutoring in Miramar FL can help your child overcome any educational challenges they may face.

Let the Teacher Speak

Your first meeting is not just for you to ask questions, it's also to learn about the type of person your child's new teacher is. Ask them open questions about their teaching style and listen to their responses. If you have any follow-up questions, ask them. If you hear anything which you feel will conflict with your child's learning style or anything that may prove to be a challenge, these conversations provide the perfect opportunity to discuss your concerns.

Get a Head Start

Carrying on from the point above, if you identify any challenges which may be particularly hard for your child, ask your child's teacher if there is any reading or if there are any activities which can be completed before these lessons begin. Something as simple as knowing which books to read in advance or any small lessons which can be completed to help understand fundamentals can make the difference when the time comes.

Discuss Previous Challenges

If your child encountered any particularly challenging obstacles during the previous school year, speak with their teacher about them and what methods you undertook to address any concerns. This can help the teacher to prepare for any needs your child may have during lessons and can help identify any behavioral concerns.

Talk About You

Along with knowing about your teacher's style, it's important for the teacher to know a little bit about you. Set some time aside to speak about your parenting style and how involved you would like to be. If you enjoy participating in field trips or assisting the teacher when needed, make sure your child's teacher knows this early on so they can include you when the opportunities arise.

Help Your Child This School With With Tutoring in Miramar FL

If you and your child's new teacher have identified any challenge areas or you simply want to help your child reach their potential, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951 4700 to discuss the benefits of one-to-one instruction. The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL offers "Geniuses in Training" programs designed to help students at all levels with a range of academic areas. Call today to book a free consultation where you can learn more.


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