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Cooperative learning in the classroom uses heterogeneous groups of students to solve tasks and assimilate concepts through debate, coordination, and solving problems by working as a team.

Available Anywhere at Anytime

Currently, this methodology can also be used without sharing a common physical space thanks to digital platforms that provide teachers with a new way to encourage collaborative learning among their users. Thus, and without wishing to compare both face-to-face and digital learning experiences, it should be pointed out that the latter should require added training in digital literacy due to everything it entails.

Highly Motivating for Students

Cooperative learning promotes personal values ​​such as self-esteem, to defend their position before an environment that may disagree with it, and responsibility since students must be held accountable for the result of their learning process. Also, by forming one big team, no one gets left out or isolated during this process.


Once the learning process is finished, the students must become aware of their improvements and academic growth; for which they must also take their achievements into consideration. In the long run, this method will make it easier for them to identify their skills and strengths s well as their faults and fields to improve on. Lastly, it will awake their students and push them to look for their peers' help and knowledge.

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