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How Tutoring Can Help Your Child Achieve Higher Grades

An important aspect of a child's learning path is parental involvement. The challenge often faced by parents is understanding the complexity of lessons taught in today's modern classrooms. To complement the beneficial homework help you are providing your child, The Tutoring Center of Miramar has information to share about the benefits of tutoring, and how tutoring classes can help your child achieve.

Distraction and Influence Free Learning

While most parents do not enjoy the fact, the truth is that children are easily distracted. There are two main distractions which occur daily in a regular school classroom:

  • Visual Distractions
Visual distractions are instances where a student will gaze out of the window at the football team practicing for an upcoming game or students passing by. Or when other students in the classroom are engaged in disruptive behavior and are drawing attention to themselves.

  • Social Influences
Social distractions occur when there is a 'cool kid' in the classroom who finds it amusing to single out and ridicule students who are attempting to learn. When these social influences are present, students often refrain from asking questions so as not to draw attention to themselves.

Both of these concerns have a detrimental impact on the ability for your child to learn. When attending a tutoring session, children receive instruction in an environment that is not only free of these distractions and influences but an environment which promotes concentration and enjoyment of learning.

All Questions Answered

One of the biggest limitations in a regular classroom is time. This limitation often results in unanswered questions. At the Tutoring Center of Miramar, students receive one-to-one instruction. This method provides students with the full attention of a dedicated tutor during each session. During their sessions, children are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need and receive a thorough answer to all.

Structured Learning

The Tutoring Center of Miramar utilizes a range of "Genius in Training" programs which focus on specific areas such as Math, Reading, and Writing. The structure of these programs increases the understanding students gain from each lesson. Using these programs, students are not only able to learn more but also learn faster.

Feedback for Parents

Many parents attend parent/teacher interviews and obtain valuable feedback and information regarding their child's learning progress and struggle areas. However, these sessions are often not as long, or not as frequent as most parents would prefer. Through one-to-one instruction, tutors are able to monitor your child's progress and challenge areas closely, and provide robust and regular feedback to help you understand which areas of your child's learning require attention. Many parents find that this level of feedback can assist them when helping their child at home, as they have a better understanding of which areas to focus on.

Tutoring Can Help Your Child Reach Their Learning Potential

Whether your child is struggling to achieve high marks in a particular area, or you feel that they are capable of increasing their 'B' to an 'A,' tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Miramar at (954) 951 4700 to book a free consultation and learn more about how tutoring can help your child reach their potential.


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