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Every parent wants to help their child complete their homework so much so that a previous post addressed this very desire with some helpful tips on how parents can do the very same. When performing this help, it is important to remember that the techniques which your teacher used with you when you were in school, or in fact, the techniques your student’s teacher uses currently, may not be the most effective. This is because all students don’t learn effectively in the same way.

Learn About Your Child's Learning Style

With experience teaching students of all learning styles, The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL knows the importance of recognizing what your child’s style is so that you, as a parent, can adjust your homework help to be as productive as possible. Below is some information on four of the most commonly recognized learning styles.

Is Your Child a Visual Learner?

One of the most common learning styles is a visual learner. A student who learns best visually is likely the one who chooses to sit close to the teacher and to the board where they have a clear and unobstructed view. This is because a visual learner absorbs information quickly when it is presented to them visually. If your student is a visual learner, written information (either online or in physical books) will be the biggest benefit during their study sessions. This includes both text and diagrams. If your student is a visual learner and is attending a lecture, look for a dictation app in their phone’s app store which can transcribe the verbal lesson into written form. This can help them gain more from their review. No matter what style of learning your children identifies with, tutoring in Miramar FL can help them improve their grades and their confidence. To book your free consultation to find out more from a learning professional, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL by calling (954) 951 4700.

Is Your Child an Auditory Learner?

In contrast to a visual learner mentioned above, an auditory learner understands information better when they can listen to it. Often, this type of learner can seem like a distracted student as it may not appear that they are paying attention to the lesson as they might not be looking at the board at all. However, this is often not the case; the student is merely focusing on what is being said. In full reverse of the tip mentioned above, if your student is an auditory learner, look for spoken word versions of their textbooks which they can listen to during study time. A dictation app is also a good idea, however, encourage them to speak their notes into it, rather than writing them down. The act of speaking the lesson themselves can help with information retention.

Is Your Child a Kinesthetic Learner?

If your student has trouble sitting in the one place during a lesson or always seems to be fidgeting with blocks or learning objects, then it’s likely they are a kinesthetic learner. Students who learn best through this style are often seen as distracted or disinterested. However, the opposite is almost always the case. Instead of the traditional methods you likely know, these students learn faster if they can interact with the lesson. The perfect example would be using blocks to learn simple addition and subtraction or even using objects around the home when determining whether they are looking at an Equilateral, Isosceles, or Scalene triangle.

Is Your Child a Social Learner?

The characteristics of a social learner are often a challenge for parents to understand and accept because, on the surface, a student who learns best socially appears to be just chatting with their friends, laughing, and even arguing. The pure definition of being social. However, these are the very situations where a social learner thrives. Group study sessions are a great benefit to a social learner because they provide the opportunity to interact with other students with who they can bounce their ideas off of, talk out lessons in more detail, and even have strong discussions with other students about particular points.

Address All Learning Styles with Tutoring Classes in Miramar FL

In addition to understanding your child’s learning style, it’s important to understand that not all help can be given at home or during their regular classes. To increase your child’s grades and help boost their confidence at school, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL by calling (954) 951 4700 and book your free consultation with a learning professional. During this session you can learn more about the subject focused “Geniuses in Training” programs and how one-to-one instruction can help all children raise their grades.


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