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Don't Let Your Youngster Lose Valuable Lessons

Every student wants to do one thing and one thing only during their summer break. NOTHING! While it can be easy for parents to think that their student has earned the break, in reality, a total break from studying over this period can have a negative impact when it comes to the new school year. The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL has the following post on the topic.

It’s Called Summer Slide

Despite the name, it isn’t a fun activity you can do at the park. Instead, it is the name for the phenomenon when students lose large amounts of vital information learned throughout the previous school year. When this happens, your student needs to spend precious classroom time in the new school year relearning lessons previously learned. As you can imagine, this is nothing short of a waste of their time.

How Can It Be Prevented?

There is a range of ways to keep this from happening which don’t involve your youngster giving up their entire summer break to focus on their school lessons. For example:
  • One-to-one tutoring is a great way to keep your youngster learning in an education-focused environment, helping them to both keep their knowledge and maintain an educational routine.
  • Parents can give their youngsters short quizzes similar to the ones their teacher would give during class. These can have tremendous benefits when it comes to retaining knowledge.
  • A quick review of their notebooks for any challenging subjects can not only work to keep their knowledge where it belongs (their brain!), but it can also work as a great way to pick up any mistakes they may have made along the way.

Summer Tutoring in Miramar Works!

If your youngster struggled with their math lessons during the school year, tutoring is a great way to not only bolster their learning but further it! Speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951-4700 to learn more or to book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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