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It is no surprise that children are going to get the strong majority of their lessons from the classroom and tutoring. However, learning is not restricted to these environments.

Music as an Addition to Traditional Learning

Music and the process of learning and playing an instrument bring with them valuable lessons for children of all ages and can be a great support for their regular school-based lessons. If your child is looking for an extracurricular activity this school year, The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL has some information to share about the benefits of learning to play an instrument.

Confidence and Public Speaking

One of the biggest benefits to come from learning an instrument is the boost to a child's confidence and in their ability to speak publicly. While the profession they are working towards may not include much public speaking, the academic road sure will. Bands provide a comfortable environment for children to perform publicly as part of a team. In addition to the educational benefits, any boost to a child's confidence is welcome. In this instance, it can be great for their personal life, too. Adults who feel confident are more capable of expressing themselves and constructively discussing their ideas with peers.

Working Together

Similar to the tip mentioned above, many children believe that simply because their chosen future employment field won't include working with other people, learning how to isn't important. Of course, any student who has ever studied at college knows that teamwork is essential. Relatively small groups of friendly people working towards a shared goal, such as a band practicing a tune, provide a great space for students to learn how to receive and give constructive criticism to their classmates. This is a skill which will prove extremely useful throughout their working life. If your child is finding some of their lessons or subjects to be a particular challenge, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951 4700 about subject focused tutoring in Miramar FL through one-to-one instruction.

Keep the Brain Counting

It doesn't matter what the situation is, if your brain is performing any level of math, it's performing math. Playing an instrument is one of the moments where your brain is constantly working to count the beats and adjust to changes in tempo. This point is particularly relevant for a student learning to play the piano. In this instance, students are required to learn both treble and bass clef note placement while reading and playing both.

Expand the Mind

Learning about different cultures and how each one achieves similar goals is a great way for a student to expand their mind and open up the options they will choose when solving problems. Learning to play an instrument invites learning into the origin of the instrument, including its culture, which is a great starting-off point to learn about a new culture which has relevance to an enjoyable pastime.

Zen Masters

Playing an instrument as part of a band means one thing - trying to read music while hearing yourself play while every other person in the band makes their noises as they do the same. This is a situation very similar to a student trying to study with numerous distractions occurring around them. Students who play in a band learn advanced concentration skills so they can play at their best while listening to their surroundings. This is a great tool when a child is in their room trying to review while the vacuum cleaner is going and their siblings are yelling on the phone or playing video games.

Hand-Eye Coordination

While it isn't going to turn a toddler into an object manipulating adult, learning to play an instrument at an early age is an excellent way to refine hand-eye coordination. In addition to the above tip, this skill is also learned in an environment full of distractions, helping to add further refinement. While the refinement may seem minor, for subjects such as science where mixing chemicals or working with microchips require high-level accuracy, this can determine the level of success.

Children of All Ages Can Benefit from Tutoring in Miramar FL

In addition to learning an instrument, personal one-to-one tutoring is the best way for students of all ages and learning levels to get ahead in their schooling. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951 4700 to learn more about how one-to-one tutoring in Miramar FL is not only for struggling students, but also for students simply looking to turn a B into an A+.


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