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Ideas for Getting Your Child Ready for School

As the new school quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what your student needs to learn as soon as they attend their first class. To help you in this regard, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL to get you started.

A New School Bag

While their current school bag may still have some life left in it, getting your student a new one is a great way to get them a little more excited for the year ahead. When shopping for a new school bag, keep these considerations in mind:
  • The bag has two straps to protect posture.
  • There is enough space for their books and any other learning tools they need.
  • If your child uses a laptop, look for one with a purpose designed space.
  • They like the style.
While it may seem trivial, it’s important that your student likes the look of their school bag to encourage them to use it along with being less likely to leave it behind and it becoming lost.

What Goes Inside?

Take a couple of minutes to sit down with your student and think about the classes they will be taking, remembering that, as the classes become more difficult and more complex, they require additional tools, such as a protractor, etc. Once you have this list, look through their current stationery collection to determine which items they can use and which items you need to buy new.

Prepare Their Mind

In addition to packing their school bag, it’s important that their brain and body are ready for the school routine. After all, it’s been quite a while since they were in a learning environment.
  • Start by moving their sleep and wake up times slightly earlier during the nights leading up to the new school year.
  • Instead of allowing naps during the day, encourage your child to stay awake and participate in active games to keep their brain and body awake during the whole day.

Math Tutoring Works!

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