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One of the biggest challenges faced by parents is providing their children with homework help at home. While every parent wants to be as involved in their child's learning as possible, the lessons students are learning today simply weren't taught during their parents' schooling years. That can often leave parents more confused than their children.

Help Your Child Continue Their Learning at Home

If this sounds familiar, all is not lost. With years of providing students with tutoring near Miramar FL,  The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL understands the importance of parental involvement in a child's learning path and has prepared some easy to implement ways which you can use to help your child learn at home.

Use a 'Cheat Sheet' for Pop-Quizzes

One of the best ways you can help your child is with the revision of lessons they are struggling with. Especially if they have an upcoming exam or project. Make some time to speak with your child's teacher and ask them to prepare a simple 'cheat sheet' which you can use to quiz your child at home. While you may not be able to understand how a math equation works or how each chemical in the periodic table interacts with each other,  you can easily compare their answer to your 'cheat sheet.' If you are not able to speak with your child's teachers, it's time to reach for their notebook. Sit down with your child and discuss which particular aspects of each lesson they are struggling with and copy down information from their school notebook. During random intervals during the day, or perhaps when they need a ride to the mall, ask them to recall important information they previously struggled with. When looking through their notebook, pay close attention to any instances where a note has been written, crossed, out, and then re-written again, as this can be an indicator of a challenging lesson. These 'cheat sheets' do not have to be limited to their regular school classroom. If your child is benefiting from tutoring near Miramar FL, their tutoring notebooks can provide the same information. If your child is not attending tutoring near Miramar FL, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL and book a free consultation to learn about how it can help your child succeed in school. Delivered through one-to-one instruction, our "Geniuses in Training" programs have been designed to help students understand each lesson in its entirety and achieve their learning potential.


Flashcards are one of the best ways to help students retain lessons, particularly if they benefit from visual learning and cues. If your child is preparing for a history exam, try this method to help boost their recollection. On one side of the flashcard, print a picture of a famous person or an important structure throughout history along with detailed information about it on the back.  Give your child an evening to look through these flashcards and do their best to retain the information. After this time, the next instance where your child doesn't want to take out the trash, hold up a flashcard and ask them to recall the information written on the back. If they want to go out with their friends to the movies, hold up a flashcard and ask them what's on the back. Providing a visual cue can be a great memory trigger and help your child recall important information. If you want to take these lessons even further, link your flashcards. For example, one flashcard could show the face of a famous conqueror, with the corresponding information providing an important date from their reign. Once they answer the question, show them a secondary flashcard with the date printed on one side, and the information about which countries they conquered on the back. If you can continue this, your child is likely to get into a flow of recalling information until they reach a point where they recall information before you have even had a chance to show them a flashcard.

Help Your Child Reach Their Learning Potential With Tutoring Near Miramar, FL

These are just two of the great ways which you can become involved in your child's education and help them reach their learning potential, whether or not you have a full understanding of the lessons they are struggling with. If you believe that your child could benefit from more formal teaching, speak with The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL at (954) 951-4700 and book a free consultation to learn about tutoring near Miramar FL. During this consultation, you can learn about the benefits of one-to-one instruction and how our "Geniuses in Training" programs have helped many students reach their potential.


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