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Math Memory Is a Great Game Everybody Will Enjoy

One of the biggest challenges for a student learning math is the fun factor. This isn’t to be confused with your child’s interest in the subject or the rewards they receive from learning it, but unlike other subjects, like science where they get to interact with chemicals and such, math is all paper-based. While it would be unreasonable to expect their math teacher to find fun lessons and games to play, it isn’t unreasonable for a parent! The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL has a great way for you to try! It’s called Mathematics Memory, and it goes like this:
  • Create 20 playing card sized pieces of paper.
  • On 10 of these pieces, write a math equation which your child has been struggling with recently. Be sure to mark a small dot on the back of each question card.
  • With the remaining 10, write a corresponding answer on the back of each card.
  • Place the cards in rows of 5 with the questions and answer facing up.
  • Now count to 10 while everybody takes a good look before turning the cards over.
Take turns around the table picking a question card, solve the problem, and then try your hardest to remember where the answer was!

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