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Tips to Help a Student Take Exams More Effectively

When it comes to exams, big or small, it’s important for each student to perform well. The Tutoring Center, Miramar FL has some tips to help your student do just that!
  1. While it can seem obvious, many students don’t perform any type of studying before an exam and then complain when they don’t achieve a high mark. The best way to prepare for an exam is to prepare for an exam. Whether this is evening study time, weekly quizzes, or reading books on the bus, be sure to study.
  2. Once you have the knowledge in your mind, be sure that you have the ability to write it down. For this, make sure you have a small case with all of the pencils, pens, markers, retractors, and anything else you will need and are allowed to take during the exam. Before you leave home, double check its contents.
  3. Believe it or not, many students forget to fill out their name, class, student ID, etc. and end up receiving no mark because they aren’t able to verify that it's their test. With this in mind, take a few minutes to ensure you have completed this information.
  4. Once you have everything set, read through all of the exam questions to identify those which you believe you can answer quickly and those which are likely to pose more of a challenge.
  5. With this identification, complete the questions you can answer quickly. Then, identify any answers which, while posing a challenge, will earn more points than a counterpart question on the same page.
  6. The worst thing that you can do is leave without reviewing. Why? Because while it all made sense in your head at the time, there is a chance that it didn’t make it out very clearly as you were scribbling. For this reason, even if you haven’t finished the exam, use a small amount of time at the end to review your answers and ensure everything is correct.

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